'Saturday Night Live': Katy Perry rocks a Christmas sweater


Alright fine. It was a sweater dress. Either way, the lady can't help but look stunning. Katy Perry hosted "Saturday Night Live" this week and she knocked it out of the park. Now, not every skit was stunning. One in particular, the Kalle Show with Kristen Wiig had her looking up into the ether at either a very tall cue card guy or spirit guides in cupcake bras, but for the most part, we were laughing our tiny, Pippa-shaped butts off.The opening monologue, which is typically a place where we get to mock how bad on camera actors are at live performance, was actually pretty funny. Perry got to work with Wiig in a blue, um, wig and shaving cream bra, chatting about kissing a girl.While we didn't love the JPop America Fun Time Japanese skit, we certainly appreciated the play on young kids loving Japanese culture. The highlight of this one was Perry's Hello...



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