'Saturday Night Live': Mick Jagger as Steven Tyler, plus Steve Martin and Jon Hamm drop by


If Jon Hamm doesn't watch out, he's just going to become a regular cast member for "Saturday Night Live." It seems like he drops by about every other week, not that we're complaining because we love him and he's very funny.But he showed up again on Saturday's episode - in the cold open as the man who finally falls for Kristen Wiig's awkward singing sister. Yikes. Other highlights of the show included an awesome karaoke sketch where everyone is slaughtering Rolling Stones songs as Mick Jagger (as a businessman) just sits there looking on wistfully.In The Californians, Steve Martin dropped by, which is another welcome site. And in one of the best sketches that is not online (presumably for music copyright reasons), Bill Hader as Dave Matthews hosts "So You Think You Can Dance" and Jagger plays Steven Tyler as a judge, which is ridiculously brilliant (pictured above).What did you think of "SNL's" 37th season...



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