'Political Animals': Elaine Chews Out The Vice President

"Political Animals" (Sun., 10 p.m. ET on USA) continued its short six-episode run by declaring that the Secretary of State is sick of men. And seeing the powerful men she's surrounded by all trying to manipulate her for their own political gain and egos, it's easy to see why.

Nevertheless, Elaine Hammond is trying to find her strength while battling her one weakness: her ex-husband, former President Bud Hammond. And she has some political ambitions of her own, reaffirming her commitment to run for president and widening the net of people who are in the know.

Even more ambitious, she plans to run against the sitting president from her own party, which is likely to cause all kinds of drama -- and further separates this fiction from the reality of Hillary Clinton's political experiences.

While Bud may have been manipulating Elaine to get him back into the political game, it looks like she may be playing him as well to improve his public image for her own campaign ambitions. And when the vice president -- who felt emasculated by Elaine convincing the president to send Bud to handle a tense diplomatic situation -- attempted to undermine her plans, she had no fear in laying into him verbally on the phone.

She was rightly disgusted that he would put his own bruised ego and ambitions above the lives of American citizens threatened on foreign soil. Thus, the "sick of men" sentiment. But can she come out on top? How far will her own ambitions take her?

Only four more episodes to find out as "Political Animals" charges on, Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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