Hunter X Hunter Episode #34 Anime Review

With their growth in using Ren and Nen, Gon and Killua have definitely moved up the charts a bit in their own way. It’s why they’re garnering more attention and having some of thoes that are close to being pushed out of the upper floors to try and use them as a way to stay and enhance their own reputation. That’s something that Killua won’t let stand though and is able to make clear with one of them in a powerful way, one that truly draws on all he learned from his family business. Seeing the intensity in his eyes is something that we’ve come close to a few times before, but it’s here that it feels like it goes a whole other level in intensity. And it pushes one of the trio out of the running in trying to do something with them, leaving just Gido and Rihlvelt left trying to take advantage of Gon and Killua. Read More... 


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