Burn Notice “Shock Wave” Review – What Price Freedom?

In this episode of Burn Notice, called "Shock Wave," Michael gets what he’s wanted for so long – the man who burned him dead and Fi back in his arms. Unfortunately those things both come at a great cost.

Going into this episode, I knew that someone was going to die and I also had a strong feeling that it would be Nate. Considering how wrong I was about who was going to die in the season premiere of Covert Affairs though, I didn’t really trust my instincts so I was still on high alert throughout the whole episode. I found myself keeping track of where everyone was and what they were all doing, which wasn’t very easy since all of them were once again split up.

I did worry about Sam a few times, as he was probably in mortal danger for the longest amount of time. But then I realized there is no way they’d ever get rid of Sam. Still, I found this episode extremely nerve-wracking, waiting for the inevitable. And boy did they make us wait. Right until the bitter end. Read More...



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