'Coma' Premiere: Is The Jefferson Institute Harvesting Coma Patient Organs?

The late Tony Scott developed the latest adaptation of Robin Cook's novel "Coma" with his brother Ridley Scott. The four-hour mini-series premiered on A&E on Labor Day with the first of two parts. In it, Lauren Ambrose plays Susan Wheeler, a medical student who starts to uncover some shocking information at the hospital.

It starts when she notices patients who are otherwise healthy slipping into unexplained comas. All of them are being transferred to the Jefferson Institute. But the further she dug, the more the people around her started to suffer. Were it not for the timely intervention of the Chief of Suregery, played by James Woods, Susan would have likely been shut down next.

Instead, he got her into a tour group to the Jefferson Institute, where she promptly broke from the group and started to uncover what was really going on. Disturbing things like coma patients attached to a machine and moved around like car parts in an automated factory. Then there was the packaging materials she found where one man's eye should be.

Is this truly organ harvesting, as she suspects, or something even more insidious? Find out Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on A&E with the two-hour conclusion of "Coma."

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