Sorry this is my second late review in a row. I have a great excuse this week (Springsteen concert!!) but even so, I'm glad the terrific "The Sword's Edge" focused so much on one of the major themes of the series: redemption. Hopefully it's gotten you all in a forgiving mood.

Edward, the Dirty 30 of the week, was a cut above (or is that below?) the rest of the infamous group, having somehow wormed his way into being the President of Uzbekistan (which does kinda trump training a kidnapped kid to be an assassin in your basement). Trying to replace him with a disguised Michael was already an interesting scenario, but things took a cool and surprising turn when Edward went double rogue, attempting to assassinate the President of the United States while on a state visit to the White House. I especially liked that he was driven by a genuine fanatical devotion to Percy, which is so much more compelling than mere greed, insanity or malevolence. Read More...


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