'Survivor: Philippines': Malcolm Freberg is not a good guy ... and more secrets from the fourth-place finisher

Malcolm Freberg didn't win "Survivor: Philippines" or even Player of the Season (although it was close), but he earned a spot as one of the game's most popular players. Of course, he'd rather be remembered as the winner -- or at least known for his razor-sharp wit, as he told Zap2it after reliving his defeat on Sunday's finale. Were you flattered to be compared to Ozzy? I know he's a popular guy, so that's cool, but I always thought of myself as a much more strategic player than Ozzy. I want to be known as the strategic guy. The comparison is great -- but really? Who has better hair? Me. That's not even a question. Are you happy with your good-guy edit? There's no way I can be upset about the way I've been portrayed on TV, but I actually am upset, because I said so many snarky things, great little one-liners -- they didn't...



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