GIRLS Season 2 Finale Recap: “Together”

After last week’s controversial Girls episode, I can’t imagine anything less controversial or interesting than "Together," which felt like a very, very, odd kowtow to the exact conventions that Lena Dunham has seemed to strive to subvert through most of the series. Further, the show has turned from the experiences of twenty-somethings — finding or not finding careers in a bad economy, confusing sexual trysts — to the mental breakdown of one twenty-something in particular: Hannah. Are her issues real, or are they forced? I have never identified with a character more on the show than Hannah’s father, who lashed out at her for manipulating him time and time again, and that she’s at a place where she should be old enough to take control of her life and stop making excuses. Except she’s clearly not. Hit the jump to see if I succeed in spinning something positive out of this unsatisfying finale. READ MORE...


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