Last Night on Late Night: A Tobey Maguire - Leonardo DiCaprio Giggle Attack Delayed the Great Gatsby Shoot

Last night on The Late Show, Tobey Maguire disclosed being overcome by an attack of the giggles during the filming of a particularly serious scene in The Great Gatsby. His BFF Leonardo DiCaprio (you can catch a glimpse of their childhood photo in the video) "goes up a couple of steps, and turns around really serious towards me, and says this stern thing, and I just started breaking up laughing." So much so that not only did the fifteen-second scene extend into a half-day shoot, but the director Baz Luhrmann also ended up having to film them independently. Plus: Pierce Brosnan suffered a wardrobe meltdown that put him in Jimmy Kimmel's pants; and Ben Kingsley disclosed the key to playing a villain. Expect him to be "completely absorbed by his own crazy logic and self-righteousness" in Iron Man 3. You won't find a "baddie." Watch our compilation to see what you missed.


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