Rebecca Shapiro: 'Princesses: Long Island' : Oy Vey

Note: Do not read on if you haven't seen Season 1, Episode 1 of Bravo's "Princesses Long Island," titled "You Had Me At Shalom."

As expected as it may be, there's probably only one word to summarize the Sunday night premiere of "Princesses Long Island": contrived. With Bravo's newest series, reality TV seems to have folded onto itself. What started in the early 1990s with MTV's "The Real World," the genre eventually morphed into franchises intentionally scripted to reach the same dramatic levels once achieved from its sheer novelty. "Princesses" has now reached the next threshold--the point at which cast members, raised on reality TV and freakishly familiar with its formulas, purposely adopt personas intended to mimic and surpass material seen on other shows.



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