Roman Holiday: A Gay Old Christmas

Blair texts. Serena does arts and crafts. Dan does Serena (in the fake snow). Mother Humphrey leaves (do we care?).

MIA: Chuck Bass and Nate (no, a pic on a cell phone doesn't count), as well as Blair's strange little duo of groupies.

Some thoughts:

-Seriously, why is it too much to ask for the entire primary cast to appear simultaneously in a single episode? Every week at least one character is missing...

-Personally if I was Dan I'd be pissed at Vanessa for rummaging through my things and submitting my private story to The New Yorker. Additionally, I don't actually believe that since Vanessa is clearly in love with Dan she would opt to submit a story about how he loves another girl. That's just masochistic.

-Most daring fashion choice of the evening: Blair's ice-skating hat with the tumors pompoms.

-Tonight Dan called Vanessa 'V' which was no less strange than when Serena and Blair call each other 'B' and 'S'.

-I absolutely LOVED the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding reference by Gossip Girl!

-Favorite lines of the night:

1. "A single entree at a mid priced restaurant" - Blair's slightly distorted view (though I guess not for the rich and fabulous) on what can be purchased for 50 dollars

2. "Friends don't steal other friends' husbands" - Eleanor Waldorf to Roman, her ex-husband's boyfriend

3. "He raised Chuck. That scares me." - Serena on why she dislikes Bart Bass

-I could not be happier that Dan and Jenny's mother appears to be leaving. Talk about a bland character!

-Tonight Jenny acted cute and likable (as opposed to manipulative and kind of evil). I swear she alternates from week to week.

-I guess the shift has occurred over the course of a few episodes, but all of a sudden (and a little bit too quickly, I might add) Blair's mother is not just no longer a bitch, but a good mother in general. She didn't play along with Blair's attempted sabotage of her ex-husband's relationship, and seemed to possess a general awareness of her daughter's feelings and problems.

-Ironically, I feel like Serena was in the price range for the Christmas present whereas Dan's Christmas tree totally would have cost more than fifty dollars. Speaking of those two, why did Dan say "Are we really going to do this?" to Serena as if they hadn't already had sex like 3 episodes ago?

-Did we notice the excessive product placement this week with Blair and the cell phone, culminating with Blair giving her maid a cell phone in a box?

-Do we care that Bart Bass proposed to Lily? It's not like they're actually going to get married...

-If you didn't happen to catch it - the title of this episode was "Roman Holiday" - which I thought was supremely clever.

All in all, this was a really fun episode. Gossip Girl returns after the New Year!

-Review by Rachel on Get Reel