'Nashville' Season 2 premiere: The outcome of Rayna and Deacon's car crash revealed, a love triangle renewed, and a possible murder?

"Nashville's" back, y'all! How did our favorite southern singers, lovers, and schemers fare in the Season 2 premiere? It's been such a long summer waiting to see the outcome of the Season 1 finale, so without any further ado, let's dig right in, shall we?Obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD if you have yet to watch "I Fall to Pieces."Rayna and Deacon's car crash aftermathThe season premiere picked up right where we left off, namely with a mangled piece of metal and glass that used to be a car with Rayna and Deacon trapped inside. Deacon's hand was badly injured, but all he cared about was getting Rayna to safety. Hearing him call her "baby" over and over while trying to wake her up is heartbreaking -- these two truly love each other deeply but so much crap keeps on getting in the way of their happy ending. And now with Rayna in a medically-induced coma? Yeah,...



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