'Revolution' Recap: Redemption and the Nanite Whisperer

After two quality episodes of Revolution, we were bound to need a setup show, and that's exactly what we got with "Come Blow Your Horn." It was more exposition than anything else, as the only three real plot points you need to know if you missed the show are as follows. Then we'll take a closer look at some of the details.

First, Dr. Horn captures Aaron and Cynthia and tortures them to figure out how Aaron uses his nanites to self-heal and create fire. This is because Horn has a terminal brain tumor. Next, Dr. Porter creates a diversion and is taken prisoner in order to allow Miles, Rachel and Charlie escape the Patriots. Finally, Tom Neville recruits Secretary Allenford's husband and convinces him to kill his wife to stay in the country's good graces. And that's the quick and dirty version.  Read More...



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