The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Whorish Tendencies


Oh, my loves, is it possible we’ve been dragging this "did they, didn’t they?" Apollo-and-Kenya thing out for a whole year? It feels like twenty years. Like twenty years of ambiguous fighting that accomplishes nothing and just makes you feel like you’re wearing a shirt made of anxiety.


Cranky Kandi meets Kenya at a gym made of scarves. Kenya apparently needs a workout for stress release, but since this is one of those circus-type places, the only thing she can do is grab some silk and throw her legs up in the air, squashing her bread loaf of a butt toward the windows for all the world to see while she screamed “IT’S SO NATURAL! I’m no stranger to having my legs up in the air!” Hmmm, I don’t think I get where she’s going with this. Does she mean she works out a lot? She’s an aerialist? Did she buy one of those bars you strap across your door that lets you lock your ankles into ski boots to do chin-ups? Ooooh, she means sex! I wish she were more obvious about it.  Read More...


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