Person of Interest Season 3 Review “4C”

Finally the cloud lifted! We’ve had a run of dark, depressing episodes on Person of Interest, and this week we finally got a respite. While trying to flee his former life, Reese lands in the middle of drama in the not-so-friendly skies. A computer nerd, under escort by US Marshals, is the target of a bevy of assassins – all of whom decide to take a shot at him midflight.

When we start out, Reese is trying desperately to catch a flight out of town. He learns quickly that when the machine doesn’t want you to do something, you run out of options, fast. His tickets get canceled, the flights are overbooked, etc. Reese thinks Finch is responsible and doesn’t realize that the machine is acting on its own. The machine manages to corral Reese onto a flight with a “Relevant” – a person who is valuable for national security.



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