Family Guy Season 7 Episode 14 "We Love You, Conrad" Review by Connie Norberg

Family Guy Season 7 Episode 14 "We Love You, Conrad" Review by Connie Norberg

Surprises come in small packages when Brian does not receive his invitation to his ex-girlfriend, Jillian's wedding. In fact, the entire Griffin Family receives an invite to her wedding including the extra invite for a B. Ryan who happened to be staying at the Griffin's house for a few weeks. This sends Brian in a downward spiral in denial. So Stewie offers Brian a lunch date to meet Jillian's fiance, Derrick. This is where Brian ultimately discovers he is no match for the new man in Jillian's life. He seemed rather competitive when her fiance read the menu in perfect French and caught the waiters' wineglasses in mid-fall. So Brian attempts to cease a most opportune moment to prove himself by deliberately tripping the waiter. But of course, he does not catch the wineglasses; instead he catches a stem of a glass and falls to the ground with the waiter and all broken glasses. Naturally the waiter had a prior surgery on his elbow and wasn't even supposed to be in work that day (according to him) so "Mr. Wonderful" (Jillians' fiance) offers to pull a "Mr Miyagi" hand massage on the inflicted area and voila - heeled better than before. Once again, this puts himself up on top in Jillian's eyes without even trying.

Now much to Brian's dismayed attempts to be Jillian's hero, he finds himself incorrigibly talking to a woman he has never met, later at a bar. She seemed to really take to his slurring speeches like, "Hey blondie, you wanna get together with my dog-wood?" So she giggles and replies, "You remind me of my step dad." Then they kiss - another classic, disgusting moment of the great Family Guy.

The next morning, Brian awakes to find himself in bed with her and realizes who she is. She is none other than Lauren Conrad from the very familiar hit Television show, The Hills. Instead of showing any signs of happiness, he leans more towards embarrassment as he tries to leave before being noticed. But as he walks out of the hotel, he realizes that Stewie has spotted him – he was shopping for hats. Miss Conrad offers them to come along with her to her shoot, and Stewie blurts out, "Do you need a gay friend on the show - a friend?" With the Stewie's attention and excitement, he can't wait to go with Lauren to see where she works. Stewie decides to wear one of the hats to the shoot. This is definitely a come-out-of-the-closet look for him!

Brian later finds that the entire world now knows about him and Lauren as he sits down to dinner with the Griffin family. Meg perks up to show him the interview with a "concealed" witness (Stewie) admitting he had seen the two of them together. So Brian decided to break it off with Lauren and goes to her home to tell her in person. But when he gets there, he finds her playing Mozart's violin concerto 1 in B Flat. She admits she reads a lot to him but, tries not to let her reading interfere with her Bimolecular Research. In fact, she offers to let him see what she did. She leads him to her version of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. Even including the infamous line, "Can I cook, or can't I?" You've got to love the imagination that incorporates Family Guy with Star Trek.

Meanwhile, Jillian and Peter discuss how he will be giving her away at her wedding. So Peter offers to sing at her wedding and with her approval he insists, "Sweet, and I promise you'll be able to understand all the words. Not like Sting, where you can only understand the last 3."

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