Banshee 2.05 Review “The Truth About Unicorns”

I must admit: I’m a sucker for episodes like “The Truth About Unicorns.” Be it The Walking Dead‘s “Clear”, Enlightened‘s “The Weekend,” or The Sopranos “College,” episodes that uproot major characters from their normal environments offer an abundance of avenues for character exploration, a time where overarching plots and dramas can take a seat, and give viewers something to really sink their teeth into. And “The Truth About Unicorns” does not disappoint: not only is the best episode of Banshee‘s second season so far, but arguably the best of the series, giving definition to the reckless, violent man that is Lucas Hood.

For fifteen years, Lucas held onto the dream of running away with Ana and creating a life absent of the crime and violence they’d become accustomed to living under Rabbit. Whether its been in prison or out of it, we’ve seen plenty of Lucas’s psychological struggle with himself, a man who defines every horrible act he commits as a means to an end. That end is obviously Ana, something Banshee‘s never shied away from showing us – but beyond knowing that he was in love with her, Lucas’s dedication to his old girlfriend appeared to run deeper, in ways that the show didn’t seem confident enough to explain to us.



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