Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Friday Night Lights Premiere, Hills Confession & Must-See Episodes

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Get the scoop below about this week's exciting Friday Night Lights NBC premiere, fun new episodes of Chuck and Glee, plus get the scoop on the newly announced J.J. Abrams drama! Oh, and Reelers, remember that show I quit last week? Yeah, about that...

Premiere of the Week: Friday Night Lights

In my last two columns, I've given the scoop on Romantically Challenged and Happy Town, the series premieres that I decided were going to crash and burn before they even started. This week, though, I'm thrilled to inform/remind you that Friday Night Lights premieres on NBC this Friday!

My confession as an FNL fan? This is one of those shows I love, but am continually very behind on. Yes, more than just not having seen the new season when it aired on DirecTV, but I'm way back in Season 2. But, while I'm not ready to watch the Season 4 NBC premiere Friday, I encourage all of you who are behind on FNL to catch up, and those who are caught up, catch the Season 4 premiere on NBC this week, or watch it online if you prefer - all of Season 4 is already available here on SideReel, btw, since it already aired on DirecTV. So, in honor of this exciting premiere, I'm going to rededicate my free watching hours this week to catching up on FNL so I can get on Season 4 with the rest of the fans asap!

Anyone else who fell off the FNL bandwagon ready to jump back on with me?

Fall 2010 New Series Watch: J.J. Abrams' Undercovers

Welcome to the real Lost 2.0! NBC announced today that they've picked up their first new scripted series for fall 2010: Undercovers from the one and only J.J. Abrams! (Read more) While this doesn't actually sound like it'll be similar to Lost since it's basically Mr. and Mrs. Smith for TV with no mysterious creatures in sight, I'm going to call it the real Lost 2.0 because the other Lost plot/theme attempts so far of FlashForward and V (Reimagined Series), have been bombing. So, since this one is from J.J. Abrams, here's hoping it has the same quality and thrill as Lost which is all we really want for a Lost replacement, am I right?

TV Confessional: I didn't quit you, Hills!

In last week's column, I swore off The Hills and The City. Wellll, I'm still swearing off the shows overall, but I must admit that while I tried my best to resist the premiere of The Hills, the rumors of the freak show they let play out with Heidi's new face (and body), well, I couldn't resist seeing it for myself. But now I just feel dirty and wrong seeing such a malformed, previously joyous young woman not even able to chew her dinner as she got chewed out by her totally in-the-right family in Colorado. Now freak show Heidi is back to LA, and I'm back to swearing off this tragic fake reality show... for now. I also went ahead and watched the premiere of The City since I had forsaken myself anyway, but I won't be watching more of that because it just reminded me of how dull, though adorable, Whitney can be.

What did you think if you caught these MTV premieres?

What I'm Excited for on TV This Week

Besides FNL which I'll be watching 2008-style, I'll be watching plenty of awesome TV of the present as well! Here are a few episodes that I'm especially excited to catch this week:

Chuck - It's time for more guest stars! Fred Willard (who just had an amazing guest appearance on Modern Family last week) and Swoosie Kurtz (Pushing Daisies' Aunt Lily) guest star as a wonderfully happy wealthy couple... who fight crime together as spies! My spidey senses are tingling that this will either encourage or discourage new spy couple Chuck and Sarah!

Glee - It's Olivia Newton-John week! During this week's episode, there will be plenty of scandal including a video that surfaces showing Olivia Newton-John performing with Sue Sylvester. I know I may be in the minority here, but I was not crazy about Sue's "Vogue" video for the Madonna episode, but I have hope her Olivia video will be hilarious.

What are you looking forward to watching this week on TV?

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