Familes Love Family Love

Award nominated series "Brothers & Sisters" has once again caught the attention of primetime drama-loving television goers. The show brings a fresh concept to the romances we're accustomed to seeing on tv noawadays; no, its not the love between a man and a woman, and not even the less conservative love between two persons of the same sex (thanks Will & Grace). But rather, "Brothers & Sisters" shows us one of the strongest bonds that exists but is seldom portrayed - the love between siblings. Each episode takes us through a love/hate relationship each and every character, where we soon fall in love not with the characters themselves but their relationship as a family. But as it is reiterated through both seasons time and time again, regardless of how dysfunctional they truly are, they are all there for each other when times get tough.

The show introduces us to a family who has just lost their father, and husband, only to discover the dirt that he has left them swept neatly under the rug. Nora Walker, now widowed struggles to get her life back together while all five of her children face their own trials and tribulations. Kitty Walker shares clashing political views with the rest of her family, while brother Kevin Walker faces the hardship of life as a gay professional. Justin Walker is a veteran who has served in Iraq and is finding solace in narcotics to mellow his post-war conscious. Tommy Walker is adjusting to life as a newlywed, while sister Sarah adjusts to life as a recently un-wed. All in all, the storyline is never dry, especially when time calls for a family gathering. If you're looking for that new addictive show that will have you feeling great, this is the one. And I promise it will even bring in you a new appreciation for sibling love.

Shame on critics who hail this as a prime time soap opera; the show is anything but that. The cast is blessed with the talents of so many great actors working in unison to bring about one of the best feel-good dramas of our days. Two thumps up!


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