Did you like Amazon Lily?

After the epic battles of Sabaody, the Amazon Lily arc didn't spend much effort on action and instead built up the character of Boa Hancock. Did you like the new character and the comic diversion, or did you prefer Sabaody and want to move right on to Impel Down, which promises to be a nonstop thrill ride?



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Sep 28, 2009 12:48PM EDT

The Amazon Lily arc had me upset at first, but what's coming up next more than makes up for it. I did like the emphasis on Luffy's "Presence of a King" powers which allowed him to speak on the same level as Hibe Hime Sama (Snake Princess Sama). It talks about the difference between the people who have authority because they have power, and those who have authority because the right of their nature, or will. This point becomes more important later in the story! Wait a couple of episodes to see how this is all very good!
If you haven't watched One Piece then GET STARTED!:
I didn't start watching One Piece until they had about 350 episodes so it was nice to sit and watch it all one after the other. It's kind of torture to see it drag out so much in real time, but it's well worth it. I can see why it's one of the Top 3 Anime in the world. I would suggest that you avoid the English Dub, and go for the Japanese Subbed versions because you'll get totally confused by the dialogue between the two when you get to the later episodes. (i.e. Japanese Sub Dialogue = "Pirate King" vs. English Dub Dialogue = "King of the Pirates".) I guess that might seem trivial to some, but it does mess with the rhythm to me. Like on seems like the undisputed champion vs. the other seems like the ruler of a pirate kingdom. As far as i can tell Luffy's point is not to rule over people, but to become Pirate King because of the freedom it will allow him to have.
Generally about anime:
I just get tired of Recapisodes (Episodes that contain mostly recaps of older episodes), and alternate stories (such as the zanpakuto story line in Bleach, don't get me wrong love that storyline, just not the distraction in the battle between the Arancar and the Shinigami), but i think i have come to understand why they do this in anime. The writers and artists who do the Manga are doing the real story arc, and the anime artists are working off of these stories, the anime, since it's published once a week in most cases, catches up to the manga in no time (they are usually published monthly or bi-monthly). Over all i love the way they work out. I also love the uniquely Japanese themes that go throughout anime. Whereas in America it's about overcoming the odds, in japan (it seems) that it is about being the best you can be for yourself, and for those around you.

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Oct 7, 2009 6:23AM EDT

Amazon Lily was a pretty slow part for One Piece, but that's not to say it's bad. The arc itself is just like a training arc in any other series, only this is somewhat carefully gilded to make it seem not so. Here, we finally learn more about Haki, which has been hinted at for a while now.Overall, the arc does it's job, but One Piece without the whole crew isn't as exciting. Granted, Impel Down will be, but that's because we finally get to see what Oda has (we assume) been setting up for some time now. The way he blends the Cover stories from the manga into the actual story is impressive.

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