The Duel DVD Review

The feature opens with Ren Jie having to leave his tattoo session where he is getting a large butterfly on his chest in honor of his lover Hu Die whose name means butterfly. As Ren steps out of the parlor he finds his loyal friend Siao Mau exhibiting his knife skills with a large blade which Ren catches and tells him they must go. As Tan throws the blade at Siao a hand flashes out from behind the corner and catches it. The owner of the hand steps into view and is a very well dressed man who will play a large part in the story.

Ren and Siao arrive back at their gang's headquarters to find the members hiding knives in a large number of memorial wreaths. The gang's boss Shen Tian Hung has just finished a meeting with Senator Feng who is being escorted out by Ren's brother Ren Li. Ren Li tells the Senator how his younger brother is like an adopted son to Master. The Senator warns Ren Li that the other member of Shen's inner circle-Gan Wen Bin is not to be trusted as his loyalty to Shen is not as great as either Ren's. The owner of the hand that grabbed the knife earlier turns out to be Jian Nan a man of great renown known as the 'Rambler.'

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