Fringe has Arrived! (Arrival Spoilers!)

Finally the threads of "Fringe" are coming together to create a strong and captivating episode, the bench mark set by the pilot episode was finally lived up to by episode 4 of JJ Abram's latest conundrum. Unlike last week, which felt like a gripping opening and a scintillating ending filled with guff in the middle, this episode gripped from start to finish.

The story was so interesting, it didn't twist because I didn't have a clue where it was going so there was nothing to side step. Introducing new ambiguous characters and bringing the dead back to life is hard to make boring but happily these new revelries were buffed out with leaps of intellectual faith, some of the most bizarre nose torture ever and what felt like a back bone in the over all story of the series.

When I say backbone I mean that I finally feel that the show's planted itself firmly and has direction. The Pilot was great but the two episodes after seemed to flounder as if not part of a greater arc, like they were just trying to use cheap shock tactics to keep us watching till they knew what they were doing. This episode however seemed to give the show direction, it was satisfying and far less frustration. At least the un-answered questions in this episode seemed to have context, showing us the path the story will take to answer them.

Agent Olivia Dunham's ice Queen Routine which seems to grate on the nerves of many is still captivating me; she's like the love child of Clarice Starling and Fox Mulder. I find it amazing that we haven't seen her have any sort of personal life out with the Lab and Office; usually when we see a strong female character the makers try to soften her down by showing her family or her friends, I think it's noble that they've made this character hard to like. Dunham is cold and detached and this is probably why she does her job so well and the writers are making no apologies for her.

All cheese which appeared to drench Jackson' Peter is now gone and I'm glad that he seems to now have a purpose other than his fathers carer, he wants to know what's going on and in a slightly Mulderesque way he knows the truth is out there.

Prof Walter's antics in this episode were a bit of a shock but it was nice to see that a man with few scientific ethics can still have an honour code; his apology to Astrid was a particular highlight for me. The revelation about the bald man saving Peter and Walter seemed to be indicating that perhaps Walter and his angry son are implemented in the destiny of the pattern far more than they currently think...And I bet baldy knows all about it, I don't think that's the last we'll see of this bizarre cross breed of Lex Luthor and the guy from the avengers.

I'm finding it difficult to write this review because all I want to say is: OH MY GOD THE END! I knew the techno folk had John Scott in some sort of medical tent but I really didn't expect to see him in her kitchen. I'm sure there are a lot of clever people out there who saw it coming from a mile off... I didn't!

That episode was quite frankly top notch telly viewing!


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