'Big Brother 12': Playing the pawn Season 12, Episode 23

"Big Brother 12" bounces back from Thursday's double eviction episode with an hour all about who will be the pawn. So, it's a bit less exciting.

Previously: Double eviction night! Matt and Brendon were evicted, in a glorious whirlwind. Who will win HoH tonight and who will they nominate? Let's find out!

Double Eviction Revisited

Hayden, Enzo and Lane reminisce about the glorious time that was Thursday's double eviction episode. Once Matt was out of the house, their enemy #1 was Ragan and all of them were set on getting him out of the house. They were so adamant about it that Hayden flat-out promised Brendon that he would vote Ragan out over him. Ragan, of course, totally won POV and ruined all of their plans. Mwahahahaha. When Brendon is voted out (despite thinking he had the vote advantage over Britney), Hayden obnoxiously diary rooms about the pawn going home. Shut up, Hayden. Don't be smug, it's not becoming on you.

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