Scrubs: Preview of Episode 9.04 "Our Histories"

We're getting another goodbye on tonight's episode of Scrubs, which will feature the return (and departure) of two characters from the past. We're not talking about J.D. and Turk even though Dr. Cox would like to throw them out the window though. This is about Ted (Sam Lloyd) and Gooch (Kate Micucci).

On "Our Histories", the couple returns to bid farewell to Dr. Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins). The three of them meet up in a nearby university bar to catch up on each other's lives, leading to another exodus of beloved characters. Here's hoping they get an appropriate and hilarious exit just like the Janitor.

Meanwhile, back to J.D. (Zach Braff). He and Turk attend a med student's party all dressed up, even though it isn't asked of them. The professors show up in cowboy suits and play out a number of scenes that would be fit for one of J.D.'s daydreams.

As we expect, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) isn't pleased with the antics of his childlike colleagues. He continues to mock the two, but might just end up joining them in their game.

The new blood of Winston University, on the other hand, is having trouble supporting one another when crisis strikes. Each of them has to learn that they have to work as a team in order to survive med school, but it's getting harder when they're all only looking out for themselves.

Okay, so that was a rip-off of Lucy's (Kerry Bishe) speech on the sneak peek below. She probably says it better too.

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