Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, April 9, 2010

* Smallville (8/7c The CW)

Oliver has an identity crisis when Tess captures the Green Arrow for Amanda Waller (Pam Grier), but he manages to preserve his secret by escaping. Waller, who doesn't give up easily, continues her pursuit of the "Watchtower," and she's not above threatening Chloe's life to get the answers to some pressing questions (such as the names and last known addresses of the Justice League members). Meanwhile, John Jones (Phil Morris) is caught poking his nose into the Green Arrow kidnapping.

* Stargate Universe (9/8c Syfy)

It had to happen. You can't cram a bunch of people into a decrepit spaceship that drags them against their wills deep into space with little to no hope of ever returning home and expect harmonious living conditions. A splinter group challenges the status quo on Destiny while Col. Young and Lt. Scott lead a search for an alien-tracking device.

* Garage Mahal (9/8c DIY)

With over 200 cars, is it any wonder that Jay Leno's garage is out of sorts? The "Tonight Show" host, known for his passion for motor vehicles, has a six-car garage that's filled with old furniture, clothes and various doodads, but the cars are parked outside. In this episode, which opens Season 2, the team tackles Leno's garage, taking on its biggest job to date. By installing a state-of-the-art turntable, they help Leno rotate his many cars in and out of storage.

* Medium (9/8c CBS)

After a two-week hiatus, buoyant clairvoyant Allison DuBois returned last week in the first of a two-parter that found her dreaming about an enigmatic girl possibly linked to a string of grisly family slayings. This two-part story arc concludes as dream weaver Allison makes friends with the mysterious girl from those visions, then sets out to keep her from becoming a serial killer's next victim. In DuBois family developments, Joe tries to avoid new job duties.

* Real Time with Bill Maher (10/9c HBO)

Real Time showed a pair of repeats last Friday, but returns tonight with a concept begun in 2009: one-on-one interviews. The results have usually been pretty interesting, especially considering the fact that Maher's guests have included Bill Moyers, Jay-Z, Oliver Stone and Gore Vidal, and there's no reason to think otherwise, since this new edition features Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, comedian Chris Rock and restaurateur Alice Waters.

* Private Chefs of Beverly Hills (10/9c Food Network)

When you cater (literally) to the rich and famous, you get some interesting requests, like preparing lunch for humans - and their canine companions - at a doggy spa, or cooking meals for a group of young millionaires on a glamorous camping - or "glamping" - trip. Private chefs do just that and more in the premiere of this unscripted series about a Los Angeles-based private-chef placement agency that serves the most discriminating - and over-the-top - clientele.

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