Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 2, Episode 14 - Alliances

A Kazon attack takes the life of another Voyager crewman, this time the popular ex-Maquis soldier Kurt Bendera. Chakotay, a good friend of Bendera, delivers the eulogy and tells of a time Bendera rescued him from angry miners. After the funeral Michael Jonas and Crewman Hogan tell Captain Janeway Voyager should change the way it operates, more like the Maquis would.

Chakotay voices the proposal of forming an alliance with one or two Kazon factions to secure peace. Not to trade technology, but to offer protection from attacking forces and emergency supplies. In a following talk with Tuvok, he gave the example of peace formed by the unlikely alliance between Vulcans and Klingons and how it helped stabilize the quadrant. Janeway opens up to the idea of an alliance and the officers decide to talk with Seska and her maj, Cullah about allying with her tribe. Meanwhile Neelix decides to use some of his contacts to propose an alliance with a different tribe.

Initial attempts begin badly, as Cullah detests following orders from a woman. Janeway's rejection of Cullah's offer to trade crew also angers him. Meanwhile Neelix is abducted before he is able to contact the maj. Neelix is imprisoned with a number of aliens, including many women and children. These are the Trabe, who had been imprisoned because of a generations long dispute between them and the Kazon. Neelix befriends the Trabe elder, who gets his assurance of help in any escape attempts. Other Trabe forces attack the Kazon stronghold and Neelix, keeping an eye out for the children, assists. They escape on pilfered Kazon merchant vessels, which had, it was revealed, originally been constructed by the Trabe, along with all the other technology used by the Kazon.

Janeway learns about the past between the Trabe and the Kazon, and Janeway decides to pursue paths of an alliance with the Trabe in spite of the danger of the possibility of it rallying the Kazon together against them. They try to preempt their wrath by attempting to form peaceful negotiations. Seska finds it a great opportunity to learn the weaknesses of the other tribes and potentially use it to gain an edge against all other Kazon as well as Voyager and the Trabe. The Voyager crew learns someone is planning to disrupt the conference, but they cannot determine who. They decide that any Kazon who attempts to leave the conference would be the guilty party.

The Kazon also hear something is amiss, but all the maj attend, too frightened to be left out of an alliance. The Kazon are very suspicious especially of the Trabe, but Cullah is vocal about his distaste for befriending either the hated Trabe or a woman-lead Federation. Unfortunately the Trabe elder is the one to try and leave the conference. Janeway yells out that it is a trap. Janeway and the Trabe elder beam out as a ship fires into the conference room. Voyager attacks the ship, driving it away. The Kazon manage to survive.

Janeway breaks the alliance with the Trabe and flees before the Kazon are able to retaliate. More vulnerable than ever and in space filled with lawless races, she emphasizes the need to hold onto what rules they have.

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