Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, July 1, 2009

* America's Got Talent (9 pm/ET NBC)

The good, the bad and the ugly. That's essentially what is going down in these early star-search audition shows. But the good acts will slowly separate from the others, leaving them behind to advance to the "Vegas Verdicts" and a chance to score the ultimate $1 million prize. Tonight the colorful hopefuls showcase their talents in the fourth audition installment.

* American Masters (8 pm/ET PBS)

What's going on in Lake Wobegon? Filmed over the course of a year, "Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes" follows the host, musicians and crew of the popular "Prairie Home Companion" radio show as they crisscross the country spinning tales, performing music and entertaining audiences.

* Primetime: Crime (10 pm/ET ABC)

ABC's version of that network staple of recent years, the true-crime newshour, returns for a third summer with a San Diego murder case that CBS's 48 Hours covered in May. It began July 19, 2007, when 17-year-old Brae Hansen called 911 to report that her stepfather, 63-year-old lawyer Timothy MacNeil, had been shot in their home by a masked gunman. But soon Hansen and brother Nathan Gann were charged with the crime. They blamed each other for it in a trial conducted before two separate juries.

* Reno 911! (10:30 pm/ET Comedy Central)

Lots of strange things happen in Reno, but when rumors of extraterrestrial activity begin circulating and unknown officers start appearing at the station, it sounds like the Panic Broadcast of 1938 all over again. But have no fear, because everybody's favorite deputies are here. They have the situation under control and their priorities are in order, including whether or not to include the interlopers in the Secret Santa gift exchange.

* The New Adventures of Old Christine (8 pm/ET CBS)

Megan Mullally brings smiles to viewers but not to Christine and Barb in a delightful guest appearance from December. That's because the always hilarious Mullally plays a business representative named Margaret who informs the pair that they have broken a contractual clause with their gym's parent company and may lose their franchise.

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