Wally Pfister talks Batman 3

Although, with Inception looming, Christopher Nolan would be forgiven for having other things on his mind - strange, dreamlike things with moving cityscapes and stuff - the rest of us wait for news on Batman 3 with breath just the other side of baited.

Nolan - Jonathan, that is - is hard at work writing a script that, if his brother's hints prove prophetic, will bring the Bat-saga to a fitting close. But while Christopher Nolan remains tight-lipped, long-time DoP Wally Pfister has shared a few tit-bits with Cinematical.

Pfister intimated that shooting at least some scenes in IMAX is a possibility, but all but ruled out the possibility of Batman 3 appearing in 3D. "I did it [IMAX] for one shot of The Dark Knight because Chris said, 'You have to say you did it,' and literally I had this strapped to my shoulder and I was carrying it," he told the site. "But I think he is game for doing something interesting like that. Lord knows that the 3D fad might pass by the time that summer comes around."

So there's two people at least who haven't drunk the 3D Kool Aid. According to the Pfister, Nolan hasn't been swayed by the uptake in digital either: "I know one thing about the film that Chris is adamant about is that he wants to shoot on film," Pfister said. "He doesn't want to shoot on video, and I'm the same way."

More news should follow soon, especially with Nolan embarking on an Inception press tour next month and likely to be peppered with questions about Batman. Watch this space too for an official announcement from Warner Bros.

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