Alessandra Torresani of 'Caprica': Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Hottie of 2010

Our annual Sci-Fi Hotties gallery honors a tradition of gorgeous genre gals that stretches back from the supermodel multiples of Battlestar Galactica through Princess Leia's golden bikini all the way to the dawn of cinema, when Georges Méliès wisely opted to dress a bunch of girls in sailor outfits in A Trip to the Moon. This year, in a close race that included ageless genre vet Milla Jovovich and Tron Legacy's robo-vamp Olivia Wilde, readers crowned an unexpected victor: Alessandra Torresani of Caprica seized a thwomping lead. (A little bit of campaigning on Twitter always helps, of course: hope you're taking notes, Cotillard!) EW talked to the star about the joys of being a geek goddess, the eternal lure of Twitter, and (fingers crossed!) the possibility of a second season for Caprica. (Mild spoilers ahead.)

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