Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 3 - None of the Above

Dawson and Eve watch TV. Joey is stressed over the upcoming PSAT. Everyone except Pacey studies for the test. Principal Green tells Joey to relax before the test. Jack doesn't do well in football practice. Joey asks Dawson to relax with her, but he can't because of Eve. Rob asks Joey for a date, but she says no. Eve gives Dawson the stolen copy of the test. Dawson and his friends can't decide what to do with the test. The test disappears. Rob is harsh on Joey, and she suspects it's sexual harassment. Jen asks Jack not to quit football. Eve tells Dawson that the test has been stolen. Dawson asks his friends to do the right thing and put the test in his locker. Henry asks Jack to help him get Jen, but Jack thinks Henry has no chance. Andie gives Pacey back all the things he has ever given to her.

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