Bachelor Pad Deleted Scene: The Women Discuss Boob Jobs - Wetpaint

IN this deleted scene from Week 4, Krisily, Elizabeth, and Peyton are hanging out in the bunk beds, talking boob jobs. Just another day on Bachelor Pad!

It's post-survey contest, where Elizabeth and Krisily were both written down as having the worst boob jobs in the house. Elizabeth was the winning answer and she wasn't happy about it. But in this scene she's calm and reflective. Krisily said she didn't even realize half the girls in the house had fake boobs and she can usually spot them. (Who plays spot-the-boob-job?) Peyton said she thought it was just Krisily and Elizabeth who had work done, because they both openly talked about it. Krisily said no one even thought Gwen's were fake. Elizabeth said she always knew she would get a boob job. She wanted them smaller and more subtle, but the doctor convinced her to go bigger. "Now here I am stuck with these." She still likes them better than her flat chest, but she doesn't want to be seen as "this sexual person." (Eye roll.)

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