Sons of Anarchy: "So" Season 3, Episode 1 Review

Holy crap, that was a heck of an ending.

Suffice to say in the Season 3 premiere of Sons of Anarchy, there was a lot of reaction to the Season 2 closer. After Jax's son was hijacked and the two murders were pinned on Gemma, we found out Gemma was stuck in hiding and Jax was stuck in some moping dimension.

Jax spent most of the episode moping while people tried to cheer him up and give him hope. Understandably. The baby-stealing ending from the end of Season 2 was madcap and took the series to Crazy Town.

The best shows on TV tend to deal with the emotional side of huge events. Sons seems to recognize this, but the show's characters only exhibit two emotions and sometimes too heavily. Watching sad characters being sad is not often entertaining and watching them be overly sad is annoying.

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