'Heroes' Set to Return for Fourth Season

Amidst fears from Heroes fans, no matter how fewer they seem to get by the episode judging from the ratings, the NBC sci-fi series is going to have yet another go to retrieve its lost season 1 glory as it returns for a fourth season.

NBC entertainment president Angela Bromstad denied that Heroes was on the bubble for a renewal considering the ratings, which dipped to as low as 7 million on the last episode from around 10 mil on the first few episodes of the season. She added that the network plans to order 18 to 20 episodes of the show for next season, around a couple of episodes fewer than the more-or-less 23 episode average for the first three.

Unknown to a lot of people, Heroes is still NBC's top-rated series among adults 18-49 this season, tied with the Steve Carell-led comedy The Office.

Bolstering up its case, Bromstad emphasized that Heroes performs well internationally, something she got to experience first hand when she was at the helm of NBC's international efforts based in London.

"Every single place you go has heard about Heroes ''whether you're in China or Japan or Russia," she said. "And to me, that is global content."

Reportedly a factor in the decision is NBC's pilot project called Day One, which is about a group of survivors in the wake of a catastrophic global event. An established sci-fi series such as Heroes is seen to be a viable lead-in for the launch of Day One, which Bromstad called “a big event.''

Critics cautioned, however, that the sort of renewal, while it came from an NBC top gun, is still largely unofficial until a deal is inked. The network, they said, still has time to reevaluate this strategy.

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