Recap The 4400: Season 4, Episode 5 - Try the Pie

Kyle gets a phone call from his dad telling him to meet him at home. Cassie explains to Kyle that his father knows he took promicin and leads him and Isabelle to a town where Jordan Collier is currently hiding. When Tom realizes his son isn't coming home, he tracks his last phone call from his cell phone and goes after Kyle. At the town, he enters a small cafe and asks for the sheriff. He asks the sheriff if he has seen a Green Saturn driving around. The sheriff replies no. Tom finds the town mechanic and discovers Kyle's car in the garage. The Sheriff tells Tom he must leave. Before he leaves, he discovers the townspeople all have taken promicin. He is then knocked out cold. When he wakes up, he finds a tracking device on his wrist. Jordan Collier explains that if he attacks him or leaves the town, he will suffer under the ability of a man who can cause other people to have massive headaches. Kyle gives Jordan a list of people who need to take promicin in order for the prophecy to be true, according to his book. Tom Baldwin is at the bottom of the list. Jordan says he has never forced promicin on anyone and he won't start now. Kyle tells his father that he must take the promicin but Tom declines his offer. Then two people arrive with Jordan and injects a needle into Tom's neck. When Tom wakes up, he goes back to the 4400 Center to be tested for promicin. The tests come back negative.

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