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Oldies but Goodies-->All with a catchy Theme Song! These Especially Includes Discontinued/Concluded TV Series! Fondness & Familiarity can be counted on & def confirmed with my full script (dialogue) recall while watching each & every episode! Like re-visiting old friends & good memories

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Detective Partner Shows w/ Twist {witty humor,cheeky,psychic}

Quick witted humor, quips, innuendos & dbl-entendre' dialogue exchanged between lead characters. Sparks def fly & laughs abound in every episode! Esp Amusing Edgy fast paced synonymous-thinking Team brainstorming meetings/scenes a must! Who done it is always resolved each show, & then some!
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Fairy Tales{Modern Day} & Super-Hero Shows

Familiar old Fairy Tales & their characters applied & set in Today's Modern World. Interesting, entertaining, & insightful (in an oddly seemingly deja'vu-ish kinda way). SuperHeroes in Modern Day; with or w/o a super-suit or a cape. Special Powers? Maybe, maybe not. -->Just yer 'average citizen'...who for whatever personal monumental reasons decide their true secret calling in life is to Make A Difference, saving the world by saving one distressed person, sit endangered oppressed victim from Danger/unjust trauma, mayhem, devastation, perhaps even certain peril'! ->>--> DEF MUST-HAVE QUALITIES FOR A SUPERHERO: Dual Identity & Split Personalities peoples with acute Delusions of Grandiosity & Invulnerability & extreme adrenaline-rush thrill seekers R ALL DEF MUST-HAVE's! {usually Bi-Polar prob! lol}
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