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Lena Dunham to Guest-Star on Scandal in March

  Scandal has had about a million great guest stars, but its next one might be the biggest so far: Both and E! are reporting that Lena Dunham is set to appear on the show this season. Details of her role are, of course, scarce, but we do know she'll appear in one episode in March and may have some involvement with Olivia Pope & Associates.   Dunham famously called appearing on Scandal " her life's great passion " and said she'd like to play a senator "who did something wrong." (At age 28, she's too young to be one in real life.) And in case you're not quite convinced of her dedication to the Gladiators, here's Dunham playing an OPA newbie on SNL :   Read More...

Team Fitz or Team Jake: The 'Scandal' cast chooses sides

It's Shipper Month atZap2it. Throughout February 2015 we're exploring TV relationships, both the ones viewers see on screen and those that fans form with their favorite characters and couples, and how it affects what they watch."Scandal" fans are divided when it comes to who Olivia Pope should truly be with -- Jake (Scott Foley) or Fitz (Tony Goldwyn). However, when it comes to the "Scandal" cast, the choice is pretty much unanimous.The decision definitely isn't easy, as both men are extremely flawed. The president and Olivia definitely have a fierce passion, but you know there's that whole being married thing. If someone were to champion Team Jake, they have to get past the fact that just a short time ago, he was brutally torturing people for B613.RELATED: From Rowan Pope to Owen Hunt: The sexy men of Shondaland rankedZap2it spoke with some of the "Scandal" cast recently and asked the burning question that causes even...

'Scandal' Episode 4.14 Photos: Mellie Does a Meet and Greet

Official photos from the 14th episode of Scandal season 4, "The Lawn Chair," airing Thursday, March 5 at 9pm on ABC. Official Synopsis from ABC: "A tragedy in D.C. gains national attention and the White House must deal with their problematic VP."   Read More...

'Scandal's' Katie Lowes makes a case for the Papa Pope theorists

Since "Scandal" Season 4's winter return, the episodes have been a full-speed roller coaster with Thursday's (Feb. 12) show bieng no exception.Next week it will be revealed just who in Iran has purchased Olivia Pope in an all-cash offer, which shut the auction down. Fans hit Twitter Feb. 12 in full force with their theories, the most popular one being Papa Pope (Joe Morton) did it."@tangelaekhoff: Sold her to Iran...or is that Papa Pope's play play name??? #Scandal" Lookalike Diva (@PashMina23) February 13, 2015 Plot Twist: Papa Pope is teaching Liv a lesson for choosing men over him. #Scandal-- Hadja Kobele Keita (@mycoyah) February 6, 2015 Who are these men who have Olivia? Papa Pope has to b behind this, who else would do this? Scandal Cathy Corso (@CorsoC311) January 30, 2015Katie Lowes (Quinn) tellsZap2it she too saw a lot of chatter going on about Papa Pope after the episode."What's cool about the...

Scandal 4x11 Promo "Where's the Black Lady?"

With Olivia still missing, the team comes together to do whatever it takes to find her and get her home safely. Airs Thursday Feb. 05 on ABC.

Scandal Sneak Peek: Will Fitz Go to War to Get His 'Olivia Doll' Back?

Its the age-old question: Would the President of the United States declare war in order to save the life of his mistress? As Scandal picks back up after last weeks wild, break-from-format episode, Olivias stance is no, of course Fitz would not do such a thing, just for her. But her cunning captor Ian begs []

Scott Foley Injured His Foot While Filming Shirtless 'Scandal' Scene

The actor's wife posted on Twitter a picture of him wearing a cast on his foot and captioned it, 'Btw- aftermath of running with no shoes. On the street.'   Read More...

Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 - Run Preview

The Scandal Season 4 Winter Premiere Episode 10 "Run" picks up right where the finale left off, this time from Olivia’s point of view. Exactly what happened when Jake went to the bedroom? Who took Olivia and where did she go? The fight of Olivia’s life begins. Airs January 29 at 09:00 PM on ABC.

'Scandal' Interview: Darby Stanchfield on Abby's Upcoming 'Gladiator Moments'

Scandal Season 4 has been a wild change for Abby. She left OPA and went to work at the White House and fans were left with a shocking reveal about her love life in the winter finale. With Olivia's abduction, Abby will be pulled back into the OPA world.   BuddyTV talked with Darby Stanchfield at theABC All-Star Cocktail Reception earlier this month about Abby's trouble as Press Secretary, challenged relationship with Olivia, surprising love connection, and Olivia's disappearance.   Read More...

Scandal's Scott Foley on the Search for Olivia: Jake Is Embarrassed

  Scandal star Scott Foley has the same question you do: Why the hell did it take Jake so long to get that blanket? "So long!" he tells "Man, he went back, I think he had to take his clothes off. He got the stuff. I think it took him 20 seconds, maybe 30. That's a long time. You'd think ...  Read More...