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Scandal Stars Dan Bucatinksy and Katie Lowes Talk Quinn's Violent Streak, James' Tumultuous Relationship, & The Fear of Getting Killed Off

Celebified and Wetpaint teamed up on the ATX Television Festival red carpet, and Dan Bucatinsky and Katie Lowes of Scandal didn't hold back! Get the scoop from the stars of the show, who dished on Quinn's dramatic season 2 finale scene, James' dramatic relationship, and the constant fear of getting killed off on a Shonda Rhimes show! Read More...

[Video] 'Scandal' Season 3 Theories: Who is Rowan?

Scandal teased viewers all last season with the Mysterious Man who Jake would periodically meet up and take orders from. In the season finale , we found out that Rowan is actually Olivia's father. Knowing this fact has raised a lot more questions, and because of this, the show took to Twitter and Facebook to ask fans what their theories are on Rowan.

Kerry Washington endures the twists of 'Scandal'

The Contenders: The star discusses the drama's love and political triangles As Olivia Pope on ABC's "Scandal," Kerry Washington is the most powerful fixer in Washington, a town that needs a lot of fixing. Trouble is, she's also in love with the most powerful man in D.C.: President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant (Tony Goldwyn). She met the married Republican commander in chief when she helped him win the election but hit a rough patch when he found out she helped rig the election in his favor. Satisfaction' Comedy,0,2374213.story

'Scandal's' Kerry Washington on Olivia's Shocking Family Affairs

The actress talks with THR about Olivia's complicated relationship with the president and breaks down her character's Luke Skywalker moment.

The Future Of Olivia And Fitz, And More Season 3 Scoop

"When we read it, we were just really blown away," Washington told The Huffington Post on the red carpet for the Television Academy's "Scandal" live table read on May 16. "What's funny is that the writers do that to us every week and then we pay it forward [to the audience]." Read More...

'Scandal' Season 3: Guillermo Diaz and Katie Lowes talk hopes for Huck and Quinn

Sure, the Season 2 finale of "Scandal" was all about that final reveal with Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope and her peculiar parentage, but there were some key moments for a pair of characters who have grown into an interesting combination throughout the season, as well: Guillermo Diaz's Huck and Katie Lowes' Quinn.Throughout Season 2, Huck took Quinn under his wing, teaching her his ways and, as last night's shocking moment with that drill, inadvertently may have created a monster. Zap2It caught up with both Diaz and Lowes on the red carpet at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on Thursday (May 16) for a cast reading of the finale, where Lowes gushed about working with Diaz. "Whatever it is, we just really like working together and we have good chemistry and I couldn't love Guillermo Diaz more," she says. "He's my work husband, that's what I call him." Lowes adds that Huckleberry Quinn fans...

‘Scandal’ Season Finale Recap: Dad?

For fans anticipating a shocking and yes, scandalous season finale to “Scandal” you weren’t disappointed. Read More...

'Scandal' Goes Live!

LOS ANGELES — Forget the DVR. Not this time. Not after this long of a wait. Millions of fans actually watched the season-two finale of the ABC drama "Scandal" the old-fashioned way: on a TV screen, as it was fed from the network to their local affiliates. Read More...

Scandal Finale: Did Fitz and Olivia Get Their Happy Ending?

And we thought Scandal would have a hard time topping the intrigue of its Season 1 finale! Thursday's season-ender put the first season's to shame with several jaw-dropping reveals, mostly coming in the episode's final moments. Before we get there, let's talk about what happened leading up to those moments. READ MORE...

Scandal's Shonda Rhimes Teases Season 3, Alternate Ending, Tiny Time Jump

The same week another network had a mother of a reveal, ABC's Scandal shocked viewers with a patriarchal reveal no one saw coming. Fine, some fan sites may have suspected, but the final line of the Season 2 finale was such a surprising twist, not even members of the cast knew about it in advance — except one. READ MORE...