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'Smash' Season 2: Ellis will return... somehow

Is Ellis really going to return to "Smash" when the musical-theater drama returns for season 2? Most fans were elated to learn that this most despised of characters was done after a single season. So how does Ellis Boyd (Jaime Cepero) make his return?The answer may lie in the past.Josh Safran, the new "Smash" showrunner was quoted by TVLine as saying, "Ellis may return, but not necessarily in the present."Assuming that "Smash" isn't going all sci-fi on us with a jump to the future, a non-present appearance indicates that Ellis will be seen in some past event. Will there be flashbacks? Dream (or, in this case, nightmare) sequences? Will we see the man as an assistant again, or does he have some other role to play.The character of Ellis was one of many aspects of "Smash" that was changed after the end of its first season. After a long hiatus, the show will return...

NBC Gives Fans Sneak Peek At ‘Smash’ Season 2 Premiere

NBC has decided to give  Smash  fans a sneak peek  of the musical drama’s second season  opener before the two hour premiere event makes it to air. The network plans to unveil 60 minutes of theBroadway theater  inspired series across multiple platforms on Monday, January 14th. Fans can tune in using on demand, and online through cable and satellite. The preview  will also be available on NBC websites, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon and Xbox. READ MORE...

'American Idol' Carrie Underwood would find it 'really tough' to do a 'Smash,' 'Glee' or 'Nashville'

Carrie Underwood knows some current drama series are fueled by music, but she's not sure she'd want to leap into such a show herself."Oh, gosh, I don't know," the superstar singer tells Zap2it. "If you play yourself on a show that's a super-drama, I wouldn't want people to think I was like that. There's a lot of meaty drama happening on those shows, so that would be really tough, to do something that was so close to my real life. There'd probably be a lot of stuff where I'd be like, 'I'm not going to say that! I'm not going to do that!'""American Idol" veteran Underwood notes she has "had my experience" doing a weekly show from her ultimately triumphant run in that contest. She allows she's been in such a whirlwind since -- also encompassing her two nominations for the title cut from her CD "Blown Away" in the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, which...

'Smash' Season 2 Episode 1: Watch 'On Broadway' -- now with more original songs

"Smash" finally returns to NBC on Tuesday, February 5, with its two-hour Season 2 premiere -- but you can watch the first episode "On Broadway" right now, right here on Zap2it. Watch the full episode in the player above."On Broadway" marks the first episode with former "Gossip Girl" executive producer Josh Safran at the helm. Last week, he told reporters that while he did make a few significant changes to the show, most notably adding some younger cast members to the mix, he hopes it still feels like the "Smash" you loved in Season 1."I don't really think it's changed that much," says Safran. "I think that the stuff from last year that you loved is still there, and the stuff from last year that maybe some people thought ... went off on tangents, we looked at and we sort of tried to find a way to circle back together. It still is the same...

Watch the Season 2 'Smash' Premiere Online and On Demand Now

The Golden Globe nominated Smash is getting an early preview, much like Bombshell had in Boston, only you can watch part one of the premiere from the comfort of your own home. NBC has released the first hour of the Smash premiere "On Broadway" now. The preview is available online, on demand, at; Hulu, iTunes, Amazon and Xbox.

'Smash' Season 2 Cast Photos: Meet the New and Returning Performers

Back from a successful run in Boston, Eileen (Anjelica Huston), Julia (Debra Messing) and Tom (Christian Borle) are blindsided by both personal and professional obstacles as they seek to take ?Bombshell? to Broadway. Karen (Katharine McPhee) consults her new mentor, Broadway star Veronica ?Ronnie? Moore (guest star Jennifer Hudson), as she finds herself on the brink of fame, but her success may come at cost to Ivy (Megan Hilty). A new talent (Jeremy Jordan) is discovered in an unexpected place. - From NBC.

"Smash," "Body of Proof" Returns to Get Dinged by State of the Union on Tuesday, February 12

Both shows return on February 5 and now probably won't air again until February 19.

Watch: 'Smash's' Jennifer Hudson belts new song 'I Can't Let Go'

Watch Jennifer Hudson as her "Smash" character, Veronica “Ronnie” Moore sings “I Can’t Let Go,”

Smash Season 2: Bigger, Younger, More Musical

When Smash Season 2 premieres on February 5, viewers will see new faces, a new Broadway production and nary a scary around Julia's neck. These were just a few of the changes teased yesterday by new showrunner Josh Safran at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Attempting to satiate fans from last year, while also bringing in those who quit on the critically-lambasted series, Safran explained to reporters in attendance:

Smash's Second Season: A Tale of Two Musicals and Less Scarves

Bad news, Smash fans. You may not have seen the last of Broadway's most annoying assistant just yet. "Ellis is still alive," executive producer Neil Meron told reporters with a laugh at NBC's winter TV previews Sunday. "How could we forget Ellis?" Much to the contrary, the much-maligned character is just one...