Suits is a legal drama starring Gabriel Macht as one of Manhattan's top lawyers who hires a brilliant unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams).

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My Top Shows (27 shows)
I've completed or am up to date with 80+ shows and these are my all time favorites.
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Marathon Me! (15 shows)
by sidereelAlex Editor
I should be ashamed that I haven't watched these yet... but don't worry, I'm on it!
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Any kind of show with a genius main character or supporting cast. One of my favorite genres for TV shows.
Ultimate Snuggly (27 shows)
by Chaavv
Best shows to watch snuggled up in your sofa with hot coco and your cats! Significant others are allowed too.
On Deck-New (29 shows)
Shows I plan on watching when time permits. I'm not "tracking" these because that would overwhelm me and my freetime.
Favourites (12 shows)
by SK_95