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The Blacklist First Look: How Will Tom React to Liz's [Spoiler]?

Just one week ago, The Blacklists Tom Keen triedto once again becomeLizs fianc but how will he feel about being her baby daddy instead? Thats right: The NBC drama revealed in its Jan. 21 episode that Megan Boones real-life pregnancy will be written in as a result of Liz and Toms sexypost-exoneration reunion. In the []

'The Blacklist' boss on Liz Keen's big news

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursdays episode of The Blacklist . Read at your own risk! Just when Liz Keen (Megan Boone) finally got her life back, the former FBI agent got some life-changing news during Thursdays episode of The Blacklist. As...     Read More...

The Blacklist: Sneak Peeks and Is Reddington an Imposter?

Today, January 21st, 2016 marks the 11th episode of the third season of The Blacklist and it’s looking like a great episode. Everyone’s asking the question “is Red an imposter?” As Red embarks on a risky mission to infiltrate an assembly of high-level criminals we can’t help but to have that plot be overshadowed by the underlying theme of this episode. Once Liz learns that Red might not be the man he once claimed he was, her world completely turns upside down. READ MORE...

'SNL' star Leslie Jones to guest on 'The Blacklist' exclusive

Leslie Jones has booked a guest-starring role on The Blacklist, EW has learned exclusively. In an episode slated for mid-February, Jones will play a woman who mistakes Reddington (James Spader) for a guy from her spin class and shamelessly hits on him. How will the infamous criminal...   Read More...

Exclusive Blacklist Sneak Peek: Will Liz Make It to Her Trial Alive?

  When The Blacklist returns with new episodes this Thursday, Liz ( Megan Boone ) is awaiting trial on murder charges after being taken into custody by the FBI - but that may be the least of her problems. According to Red ( James Spader ), who's trying to buy more time so that he can put together a plan to ...

How John Davis' 'Blacklist' Gave NBC a Boost

The show has averaged a weekly audience of 12 million, prompting the prolific producer to imagine a 'Blacklist' spinoff as his next series.

'The Blacklist' taps Tony Shalboub as dangerous Blacklister

Tony Shalhoub will guest-star on an upcoming episode of The Blacklist , EW has learned exclusively. The Emmy-winning Monk star will play Alistair Tate, a master negotiator for the criminal underworld. Alistair uses his quick wit and dramatic flair to manipulate his targets into...   Read More...

'The Blacklist' Gets Early Renewal, Will Return for Season 4

Series creator Jon Bokenkamp announced the good news on Monday, December 7 during a podcast interview.  Read More...

'The Blacklist' boss on Keen's new predicament, team's double loss

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the midseason finale of The Blacklist . Read at your own risk! The Blacklist finally brought Liz and Reds on-the-lam roadtrip to an end during the midseason finalebut it was someone else from the Post Office who...   Read More...

The Blacklist: Megan Boone Is Pregnant But What About Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Keen may have to start hiding her stomach strategically behind couches and desks asThe Blacklists third season charges on. TVLine has confirmed that the NBC dramas leading lady, Megan Boone, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Dan Estabrook. But how will herhappy newsaffect Liz and Reds life on the run? A Sony rep []