From best-selling author John Grisham, the master of the modern legal thriller, comes The Firm.

The Firm - TV Full Episodes

The Firm (NBC) “Chapter Eleven” Episode 11
The Firm (NBC) “Chapter Ten” Episode 10
The Firm (NBC) “Chapter Nine” Episode 9
The Firm (NBC) “Chapter Eight” Episode 8
The Firm (NBC) “Chapter Seven” Episode 7
'The Firm' demoted to Saturdays on NBC, 'Awake' gets a premiere date
Juliette Lewis Planning Her Music Career Around 'The Firm'
The Firm (NBC) “Chapter Six” Episode 6
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'The Firm' Recap: 'Chapter Eight' (1.08)
'The Firm' Recap: 'Chapter Seven' (1.07)
'The Firm' Recap: 'Chapter Six' (1.06)
'The Firm' Recap: 'Chapter Four' (1.04)
'The Firm' Recap: 'Chapter Three' (1.03)
The Firm Review: "Chapter Three"
The Firm “Chapter Three” Review
The Firm: Series Premiere Review
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