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In Defense of 'The Killing': Why You Shouldn't Hate the Finale

After the shocking first season finale of AMC's The Killing , which failed to reveal the identity of Rosie Larsen's killer and added a few extra curveballs to the story, I expected a lot of outrage. But I didn't expect the level of pure hate that has spewed from many TV critics. In particular is Maureen Ryan's scathing review where she calls it "the worst season finale of all time." That's a bit extreme, and while I'm not about to praise The Killing 's finale as genius, I certainly want to defend it against the unnecessarily cruel and angry words Ryan and many other critics are hurling at it.

'The Killing' Star Mireille Enos Addresses the Season Finale Backlash

It turns out  THR 's chief television critic  Tim Goodman  isn't the only one  arguing  about the startling first-season finale of AMC's The Killing , in which we find out a certain highly prominent Seattleite turns out to be Rosie Larsen's killer. At least, we  think  so -- it looks like we'll have to tune in next season to know for sure. "There has been an internet revolt!"  Mireille Enos , who plays the show's murder-sleuth heroine, told  THR  at the Critics Choice Awards today at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "Fans are either loving it or hating it." Read More...

The Killing's Billy Campbell in the Soup

SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you haven't watched last night's episode! The veteran actor has long managed to toggle between playing heroes ( The Rocketeer ) and villains (J. Lo's abusive husband in Enough ). But never before has he combined both admirable and abominable qualities in a single character more successfully than as Seattle mayoral candidate Darren Richmond on ...

The Killing Postmortem: Showrunner Veena Sud on the Finale's Big Twists and Season 2

[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from the season finale of The Killing . Read at your own risk.] If you were expecting to find out who killed Rosie Larsen in Sunday's season-ending hour of The Killing , you might be feeling a little frustrated. For nearly an hour, viewers calculated gas mileage, retraced Rosie's final steps, saw Darren's lies unravel, watched the Larsen family implode... all before finding out that the murder would not be solved before the credits rolled. watched the finale in advance and on Thursday spoke to executive producer Veena Sud, formerly in charge of CBS crime procedural Cold Case and now responsible for adapting The Killing 's original Danish counterpart Forbrydelsen for AMC, about why she's keeping viewers in the dark, if we'll ever know more about Rosie, and what we can expect in Season 2...

Interview: 'The Killing' showrunner Veena Sud on the season finale

"The Killing"  just concluded its first season and... well... I'm not a very happy camper right now. But you can   go read my review   for all of that.   I had the chance to speak to producer   Veena Sud after I saw the finale, to discuss not only the way the episode went down, but to get her take on the season as a whole and some of the complaints people have had with it. Obviously significant spoilers for the finale and the season coming up after the jump...   First of all, at what point did you realize the season was going to end this way?  We knew from the very beginning we didn't want to do a formula cop show. In the original Danish series, as you might be aware, the investigation lasted for 20 episodes. There are pieces of that show that I think we still need to tell and to use, and are great.   Read More...

'The Killing's' Eric Ladin: 'I was in awe' after reading the season finale

So, we couldn't get Eric Ladin to reveal anything about how "The Killing" ends its first season."Oh yeah, no worries. We can just end this thing now -- might as well, right?" Ladin jokes. "No need to wait for Sunday."When Zap2it talked with Ladin on Friday (June 17), however, he would at least tell us what his thoughts were when he read the script for Sunday's season finale, in which we will (presumably) learn the identity of Rosie Larsen's murderer. "I read it, I called three cast members, I read it again, and then I literally -- I was in awe. I was in shock," he says. "My wife said, 'Well, tell me about it.' And I said, 'Nah -- I'm not sure you're going to want to know. ... It was great. It totally took me by surprise. I did not think it was going to be what it was."The end of last week's...

'The Killing' finale preview: Linden zeroes in

The final scene of "The Killing" last week presented a very, very strong hint as to who Rosie Larsen's killer is. So strong that we're almost disinclined to go with it.That may be us overthinking things a little bit based on a lifetime of watching crime shows and movies. Linden (Mireille Enos), however, is certainly running with the new lead in the above clip from Sunday's (June 19) season finale. In light of what she discovered at Richmond's (Billy Campbell) apartment last week, Linden is reviewing the evidence in the Larsen case, while Holder (Joel Kinnaman) stands in for us and wonders if it all really fits.Also in the episode, Stan (Brent Sexton) and Mitch (Michelle Forbes) attempt to deal with the state of their marriage after Stan is bailed out of jail, and we will (presumably) find out who did, in fact, kill Rosie Larsen.What do you think? Is Linden's new theory right, or...

Joel Kinnaman Reflects on The Killing's First Season and Teases Season 2

Over the last 11 weeks, viewers of AMC's The Killing have been endlessly theorizing about the identity of Rosie Larsen's murderer. But one of the season's most intriguing mysteries has been the true intentions of new homicide detective Stephen Holder, the breakout performance for 31-year-old Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman. TV Guide Magazine spoke to Kinnaman about the success of the first season, working in all that rain and what he hopes to explore in Season 2.

Top Moments: Game of Thrones Comes to a Head and Introducing MC NPH

Our top moments of the week: 12. Tell It Like It Is Award:   Ice-T   and his voluptuous wife   Coco   compare their Twitter follower counts on   Ice Loves Coco . It's no contest — she's more than 100,000 followers ahead, which she attributes to her upbeat tone. "My conversations are always positive and happy," she says. "You're a little more hardcore. I think that has something to do with it." Ice's understated reply tells the real story: "You have 270,000 people looking at your pictures because you look good in pictures." 11.   Most Hypocritical:   On   The Glades , Callie gives Jim a piece of her mind for not telling her about Sam, his ex-partner and ex-girlfriend from the Windy City. "I get that we have people in our past. It's just — you never bothered to mention her to me?" she says. Well, Cal, have you told your estranged husband that you're hooking up with Jim? You know, the guy with whom you've agreed to postpone a divorce? 10. Slipperiest Slope:   After working so hard to beat his gambling addiction on   Men of a Certain Age , Joe unfortunately slips right back into his bad habits when he takes a bet for Manfro's bookie business. True, he's not technically betting himself, but the look of euphoria on his face has us worried for what comes next. Read More...

'The Killing's' dead girl: The actress who plays Rosie Larsen talks about her murder

Despite the ubiquitous posters with her face on them, it usually takes a while before Katie Findlay is recognized.,0,4486723.storylink