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Is There Another Vampire Diaries / The Originals Crossover Coming Soon?

If theres one thing fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals hunger for all the time besides their favorite romantic pairing, of course its a crossover.   Read More...

Phoebe Tonkin Talks The Originals Season 3, Hayley, Hope and More!

We never expected to love Hayley when we met her on The Vampire Diaries. Especially after she arranged the massacre of a dozen hybrids! But slowly, she's grown on us. That's no doubt in part due to her wicked chemistry with Elijah and the fact that she's strong enough to keep Klaus in his place. Because let's face it. Klaus sort of needs people who can keep him in his place, right? During a recent press trip to Atlanta, we got the chance to chat with Phoebe Tonkin about The Originals Season 3 , what's coming for her character, and where Hayley's motivations lie as she makes decisions necessary to protect her family.   Read More...

'The Originals': Joseph Morgan on Elijah's Betrayal, Aurora's Return and Cami's Arrest

The return of Aurora and the secrets she revealed caused a divide between Klaus and Elijah and left her former lover to wonder if she's loyal to him or to others. BuddyTV caught up with Joseph Morgan on The Originals set to get the scoop on Klaus' upcoming relationships with Elijah, Aurora and Cami.   Read More...

The Originals' Phoebe Tonkin Recalls 'Exhausting' 14-Hour Fight With Klaus

Between her husband Jackson, her baby daddy Klaus and her [insert complicated adjective here] Elijah, The Originals Hayley Marshall-Kenner is up to her clawsin dude drama. And while were eager to see how Phoebe Tonkins character handles the boys of the Big Easy, wefirsthave to discussHayleys brutal battle with Klaus in You Hung the Moon,which []

Vampire Diaries/Originals Crossover Coming? EPs Talk 'Common Ground'

Not since the Unholy Mikaelson Trinity crashed Katherines goodbye party in Jan. 2014 have The Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossed paths but its (maybe) possible thats all about to change. Speaking to reporters at a recent screening of the CW dramas,TVDexecutive producer Caroline Dries and OriginalsEP Michael Narducci discussed the likelihood of the two []

Haley Ramm joins'The Originals' as new witch Ariane exclusive

With a large number of Mikaelson progenies coming into town on this season of The Originals , it only seems fair that New Orleans gets another witch. And thats precisely what it will get when Ariane hits the town. EW can exclusively reveal that Haley Ramm, formerly on Chasing Life...   Read More...

Originals EP Talks Klaus and Aurora's Future, [Spoiler]'s Arrest and More

Christmas came early on Thursdays The Originals, bringing with it gifts of crushing heartbreak, game-changingreveals and a false arrest? Executive producer Michael Narducci spoke with reporters about how thisweeks biggest twists will impact the residents of New Orleans moving forward, but first, a quick recap: * Cami was arrested for the recent string of handsome-man []

'The Originals': Joseph Morgan thinks Klaus would make a great stage mom

After more than a thousand years of existence, the Mikalesons are prepared for just about anything other than parenthood. Lets be real: Their parents werent exactly the type of people youd want them to emulate. And yet, thanks to a one-nightstand between Klaus and Hayley, theyve found...   Read More...

'The Originals' sneak peek: Things get bloody when Elijah confronts Tristan

The number one way to piss of Elijah Mikaelson is to threaten his family. Although he might loathe his siblings at times, hell do anything to protect them. Thats something we learned in season 2 of The Vampire Diaries when he couldnt kill his hybrid brother. And now, years later on ...    Read More...

'The Originals': Joseph Morgan, Leah Pipes talk Klaus and Cami's 'complicated' feelings

The Originals Klaus Mikaelson is not an easy man to love. Well, at least not if you live within the universe of the show. Lets be honest: Hes got a lot of baggage, a bit of a temper, and at any given point, someone is probably trying to kill him. And yet, New Orleans has one human who...   Read More...