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Do you WANT another season?

Recent News posted by tvqueen tells us that FOX has given the go-ahead for Season Eight of 24 . In these days of rampant cancellation rumors, news of renewal should be massively exciting. SHOULD be. Given the largely disappointing nature of Season Seven so far, I don't know if I'm excited about yet another season of Jack Bauer hijinks. To be fair, the season isn't even half over and it could turn out to be completely mind-blowing. At the moment, however, I'm more reluctant than excited. Unless the writers and producers get a major boost in creativity, I'm afraid 24 will continue to be largely predictable and recycled. Maybe it's time to just let 24 lie? I'm feeling pessimistic about yet another season of 24. Your thoughts?

Henry Taylor's son

I am possibly suffering from a mild case of forgetfulness but i thought that it was the friend of the presidents son who was killed in "redemption" and made to look like a suicide. when was Roger killed?

Just A Question

Hi, i am a big fan of verious serieses, prison break, lost, 24, and i was reading a comment on prison break that this was its last season, does anyone know why 24, has 7 seasons and not finished yet?? and if season 7 is not the last season or not please??

who is that amazingly hot guy on 24?

there's that white boy who hangs around henry taylor a lot, he's a secret service agent. i think he's gorgeous and i'm mildly obsessed with him now, but i don't even know his name. what's the actor's name?


i thought that on jan 11th there was going to be a whole new season but i just read that it was only 2 4 hour prequals, tbh i love 24 but i dont think i could take 4 hours in one night then the same the next why cant it just be a whole season?! someone please comment back with news cos i really want to no which it is :S x

Maybe not that great. Or just too much?!

Hi, I'm a fan of 24, watched season 1-6, some of them several times. Season 6 is currently in german TV and I really like the show. I will watch season 7 just as curious and captivated as the previous 6 ones, but I have to say that I'm also a little bit bored of it. I think there are too many repititions (I'm mainly talking of Season 6, previous ones are not absolutely present in my memory..): Traitors inside of the CTU, conflicts between CTU-Agents, The good ones forced to trust untrustworthy people, and of course the heroic Jack Bauer who has to break some laws to succeed and in the end saves everyone. I mean, some things make sense to repeat and it's still a very exciting show, but these things just annoy me. Maybe 6 seasons were already too much. I think (although I like him) it might be time to replace Jack Bauer. It's a tricky thing, I know, but as often as he got rehired as an agent... Come on, this gets ridiculous!

Just great!!!

What can you say about 24? It is just great. I love it.

when is season 7 coming????

when is season 7 of 24 coming out people???