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America's Got Talent Finale: Who Will Win? (And Who Should Win?)

The 10 remainingacts in Americas Got Talents 10thseason have spent nearly three months pouring their blood, sweat and (in some cases) contents of their stomachs into the competition and in a few hours (9:57/8:57c-ish) , a victor shall be crowned. But before the winner is revealed, lets take a look at the 10 remaining []

'America's Got Talent' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 10?

Going into the Top 10, this final prediction was easily the hardest I had to do all season, mostly because my possibility of error was so great. I had to choose one of 10 to win. This was a far cry from the simple ease of choosing almost half of a group of 12 to go home.   Yet as the night progressed, one guy rose to the top. (I'd love to use a more gender neutral term, but the America's Got Talent Top 10 is a complete sausage fest, though that's an issue for a whole other time.) My man to win it all might not have completely sealed it up. There's a few frontrunners with him and even a few possible wild cards who can steal it away. This is my best guess as well as a rundown of his biggest (and smallest) competition.   Read More...

'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Which 5 Acts Will Advance to the Top 10?

Howard called season 10 of America's Got Talent "the season of the magician." On the first night of the semifinals, though, it was the night of the musician. Not in terms of memorable "wow" moments, but in terms of volume. Of the 11 acts that were in the first group, six performed a musical number.   While that might not have been exactly fair to the singers left in the competition, it made my job much easier. The glut of singers and musical performers separated the contestants quite nicely. It was easy to judge the musicians all in one group and the other variety acts in another. Doubtless, America will do the same when casting their votes. Some of the musicians rose to the top, but it was the variety acts who dominated. It's the comedians, magicians and dancers who are more likely to earn those coveted top five spots that Howie would not stop mentioning. These are my best guesses for who those five acts heading to the Top 10 will be, as well as the identities of the bottom six heading home.   Read More...

'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Who Are the Final Members of the Top 21?

The live rounds of America's Got Talent went out not with but a whimper. Maybe I was just in a mood while watching the third and final live rounds but I couldn't help but feel that America's Got Talent had saved its least for last. The contestants weren't bad, you don't make it this far in the competition by being bad. (Well... DADitude did make this far.) OK let me revise my statement. You don't make it this far in America's Got Talent if your act isn't named DADitude.   A lot of the non-DADitude acts were just a smidge off. There were at least one or two flaws in the majority of acts that could very well prove disastrous to their voting counts. There were a couple of stand-out acts as well but more duds than souring successes all around. I could easily see one or two of the acts that performed last night being in the final five but the five going home in the final quarterfinals were harder for me to pin down. Here are my best guesses for who is staying and who is leaving on America's Got Talent in the last round of quarterfinals.   Read More...

'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Which 5 Acts Won't Make the Semifinals?

In my predictions for the first round of live shows for America's Got Talent season 10, I felt pretty confident. I didn't get them all right, but I still consider a 85% (6/7) success rate pretty good. I'm much shakier when it comes to my predictions for the second round. There wasn't quite the same number of standouts in this installment like there was in the first round. This is not to say that America's Got Talent was a dud in week two, but the acts were much more close in terms of talent level and success. It doesn't matter, though, because as Howard Stern was quick to remind us with his assessment of every single act, only seven can move on. So who will that seven be and who are the five going home?   Read More...

'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Which 5 Acts Will Be Eliminated from the Quarterfinals?

I'd be extremely interested in finding out how America's Got Talent determined the first 12 acts to perform in their Top 36. A lot of what I consider to be the frontrunners of the10th anniversaryseasonperformed in the first live round. There were more than a few contestants that I could easily see walking away with the grand prize at the end of it all. It wasn't all success and sunshine, though; the first live show hit both ends of the spectrum, containing not only the best acts but some of the most disposable. So who will be the first seven contestantsto move into the Top 21? Read More...

Fighting Gravity

Don't get me wrong, I think they do a pretty cool show, but I keep hearing the judges say that it is something that has never been done before...which is wrong. Maybe they haven't seen it, but there is a pretty popular group that does the exact same thing (people in black outfits who move things around the other people you can see) in Japan. Does anyone else not know of this?

'America's Got Talent': Time to get on board with the air band

Can anyone give me the definition of talent, PopWatchers? Apparently the judges of AGT and I have a difference of opinion. After some questionable decisions on Tuesday night (and your comments yesterday), I'm pretty confident we're all a little confused by the acts the judges decided to advance. Like Airpocalypse (yes, that would be the air band). These self-proclaimed “underdogs” lived to play another day, by getting a ticket to Hollywood. Do you like their schtick? Sure, they're funny, but I can do this routine in the comfort of my own home on nightly basis. Would you really shell out the big bucks or give up at least an hour of your life to watch this performed live? On the other hand, air bands are pretty popular around the world (anyone remember the 2006 documentary Air Guitar Nation?) so maybe AGT is on to something. Should we be on Team Airpocalypse? Source Here


Just started using sidereel. Through chance I clicked on the right thing and managed to watch Hell's kitchen. Later I tried watching america's got talent which was fine but it did not have the last few minutes. Tried clicking on some of the other links but did not get anywhere. Can anyone advise of the best way to use the site without ending up with virus' or ads? thanks


Um can someone tell me when the new episodes 15 and 16 will be readyfor veiwing in canada ?????......... all the links are for the US only ..... Canada love America's got talent too ;)