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The last episode left me asking to many questions. Were the cylons destroyed in the last battle?,or are they still out there? What happened to all the ships they left vipers and rapters they had when they landed. Why did they destroy all the ships and all there technology? Would it not have been better to have left them at the edge of our solar system for us to find, that could have opened up a whole new chapter. will the base ship that they gave to the other cylons ever come back? Lastly there were still thousands of survivors on the 12 colonies what ever happened to them? Would it not be great if they came and found earth? A well so many things that could still be done for BSG spin-offs lets hope.

Which TV Character Will You Miss the Most?

Thank you, friends, for coming. We are gathered here today to mourn and honor the TV characters who have been taken from us too soon this season. There have been many, and there will be many more as we head toward a boatload of cliff-hanger finales. But we want to hear from you: Which TV characters will you miss the most? Did Warrick's CSI goodbye leave you grabbing for Kleenex? Were you heartbroken after Dualla's shocking suicide on Battlestar Galactica ? How did you react to 24 killing off the beloved Bill Buchanan? Source here

Battlestar Galactica: I am in love

I never try to form preconceptions, but it's hard not to with a show like Battlestar Galactica. I have never tried to watch it and whenever it would be on, I would switch on to something cheesy, something shallow and something that looked pretty before even listening to a word of BSG. But I thought I would never like it even if I tried watching it. Space ships and robots, I would laugh to myself. I was so wrong. Not wrong about the space ships and robots, but about it being bad. BSG is one of the best shows ever. And I'm only one miniseries and a few episodes in. I have never been a .....Continue Reading!

What is Starbuck?

I think she is a child of a cylon. I know I'm wrong, But it would be cool. Seems boomer and chief had a kid on that planet. Is starbuck Saul and Kate's Love child? Is that why he was so shocked to here that song?

Deadlock (spoiler)

The plot is now becomming clear, well for me anyway, i believe humans nor cylons cannot survive without the other. The pure cylon baby died because if it did not cylons would have disabanded humans and made another society which would then be destroyed and nuked, "it has happened before and will hapen again and again". This leaves room for Hera the hybrid half human and half cylon baby, also backing up my point is Galactica which is now turning into a half cylon ship its starting to happen the "Miracle"? because not only that the mourning wall put up my military soliders of the cylons who died during the alliance is this a breakthrough?


The best thing about this episode was the return of Baltar to his hallucinating, scheming best. The worst thing - was, not to give anything away - the thing that happened in sickbay. I was very upset about that and I don't think it was neccessary - in fact it created a dimension that gave a level of uncertainty. I guess it just really upset me, so I would rather they hadn't done that. Apart from that Ellen is diving straight back into type (she has the strangest mouth I've ever seen - i suspect injections of some description) and starting to turn me off. I didn't like the character before, almost tolerated the more dignified 'model' on the ship, but unfortunately it didn't last and we're drinking and frakking again, just like the old days. A 6/10 episode.


Just read that between ep 11 and 12 (season 4) there are some webisodes that answer a lot of questions. Just like earlier, they are available on scifi.com, but that's unavailable in my region. Anyone have any idea if they are somewhere else as well? Thanks so much!! Aly source: Special.Season 4, Ep 11: The Face of the Enemy (A 10-part online series) A second series of ten Webisodes will be available on the official scifi.com/battlestar website throughout December 2008 and early January 2009. The first installment was released on December 12, 2008. The story focuses on Lt. Gaeta in the aftermath of the events seen in the final episode of Season 4.0

My Theory... (spoiler alert! - watch 4.15 before reading this!)

So - there were 8 basic models? - and we could have noticed it all along!... remember? - there was a "one", a "two", 3,4,5,6,...-8?!?... yeah! - Cylons can't count, can they? But wait! - the "basic 7" didn't know the final five - it was forbidden, to talk about them, remember? - but as we just learned, the final five, who have not only "been to the home of the thirteenth", but who are FROM the thrirteenth tribe, which was Cylon, which created the human-form-cylons themselves (more than 2000years ago!), created ressurrection, and then moved on to beeing reproductive ...so on and so forth! - THEY made the 8 basic models; or at least the five who survived the holocaust of earth; they made them for the other cylon race, in exchange for peace between cylons and humans... so: the "final five" are quite older than the basic 8... But, the most interesting question of course is: who is the the eight model? - have we seen him yet? - or is "he" just a sidekick-note to tell us more about cavil(?)? - is it even a He? - well: at least we are meant to believe that... so... Cavil manipulated all the others, so the images of the "final five" as they are called from then on, and which r meant to come back, r vanished (not completely: think of Diana!)... and... the others also don't seem to know or bother, who the 8ths model ("number 7", "daniel") was, and that he even existed... so: "he" is called "daniel"? - but daniel can be read as a female name, too! (remember: Sam had "word salat", when e humbled his fractioned memories!)... and "he" was supposedly an artist (painter)?... well... i know of a charakter, who was quite into art, troubled about, who "[s]he" really is, and has come back from the dead... and, by the way: 1,2,4,5 are men, while 3,6 and 8 are female... so, meassured by machine drive to perfektion and confomity: what gender would another model have?!?... so: r we really supposed to believe, "number 7" is gone for good?!?

Webisodes needed

Can someone post the webisodes please, preferably so that they play in order? They don't seem to be available in the UK and the ones on youtube are out of order and incomplete. Many thanks.

Last Cylon?

How about Zarek for number 5? Something about the character currently is making me lean in that direction....