60 minutes

13 House Guests move into the "Big Brother House" to compete for $500,000. Each week an HOH (head of household) competition is held and the winner gains control of the house. The HOH nominates 2 people for eviction. The nominees and the HOH compete for the "Power of Veto" If a nominee wins the veto they can take themselves off the nomination block. If the HOH wins they can keep the nominations the same or take a nominee down and put up another house guest of their choosing. The HOH always nominates someone else if the Veto is used. Aside from nominations and power of veto, house guests also compete for food privileges. If the lose the competition they will be on slop for the week. Early in the game as house guests are on teams during the competition it divides the house. Half on slop and half on food. As house guests are evicted and fewer remain it becomes an individual competition, usually with a 'twist'. The Jury (the last 8 evicted house guests) chooses the winner of the game from last 2 remaining house guests live at the end of the season.