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Big Brother 11: Who Has the Best Strategy?

The final four on Big Brother 11 are, in my estimation, one of the weakest groups the show has ever seen. HGs like Jordan, Natalie and Kevin have skated by for most of the season by avoiding the spotlight or hiding behind stronger players. Of 18 HoH or PoV competitions so far, the final four have one nine of them. Compare that to this time last season when the final four won 13 of the first 18 competitions. Last season also had a more equal distribution, with Jerry and Dan each winning four, Keesha winning three and Memphis winning two. This season, we have Michelle at four, Jordan and Kevin at two, and Natalie at one. My overall point is that many of these HGs never had to win to save themselves other than Michele. Both Kevin and Michelle have never been seated in the nomination chair during a live eviction episode. Jordan and Natalie went up many times, but always against a stronger (or in some instances, crazier) player. With that in mind, let's examine the strategies that have gotten the final four this far and see who really played the best game. To Read More Click Here . If you Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now

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