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'Big Brother 13' Predictions: Who's Coming Back?

In many ways, this week on Big Brother 13 has been absolutely pointless. For the first time all season a newbie won HoH, but the big twist that whoever gets evicted will have a chance to come back into the game has derailed any momentum Daniele and Kalia had. The HGs don't actually know the specifics of the twist, but if you watch the live feeds, you know that they've come pretty close to guessing it. Though they have no idea that they're right, Rachel and some of the others have started guessing that the person who gets evicted may have to face-off with another evicted HG to come back. Rachel naturally thinks it's going to be Brendon, while Shelly and Daniele have suggested that maybe all four of the previously evicted HGs will compete with this week's evicted HG. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Lawon Makes a Risky Move on 'Big Brother' (VIDEO)

We've heard of taking one for the team, but we're starting to wonder if Lawon has ever actually seen an episode of 'Big Brother' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) before. The divisive contestant suggested that current HOH Kalia should put him up for eviction if Jeff used the power of veto on himself, supposedly to give Lawon a chance to get back into the game if he gets eliminated. Huh?!